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04. May
Written by Parth Lawate
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Facebook and LinkedIn have more than proven the importance of having an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network. The more connections your users will make, the more deeply they are engaged with your community. This goes a long way in increasing their loyalty towards your network.


People Suggest from Techjoomla is power-packed with features like:

  1. Profile Based Suggestions: User profile gets scanned on important fields in order to find similar interest in those fields to match, connect with a different user.
  2. People You May Know: Based on mutual friends of your current connections, it shows the list of people you are likely to know.
  3. Recommended Friends: With this feature, friends can actually recommend or suggest to people whom you should be friends with.
  4. Matchmaking Support: Have a site that needs Dating or matchmaking features, you can use the matchmaking option in the Profile based suggestions (Network Suggest) mode to set up the module to show matches of the opposite gender.
  5. Invitex Integration To Find People You Might Know: It analyses the people you have imported for inviting to the site in order to show you suggestions. This feature gives very accurate suggestions.
  6. User Control On Suggestions: In Network Suggest mode, users can control which search queries we should fire to find the best matches for them.
  7. Integrates Out Of The Box With JomSocial, EasySocial, and Community Builder.
  8. Multiple Copies With Varied Configurations: You can make as many copies of the People suggest module as you want and configure each copy of the People suggest module in a variety of flexible ways. You can choose a copy to only run in Network suggest or People you may know mode Or do only one copy with configurations to display suggestions as per set priority.
  9. Suggestions By Priority Or Random Suggestions: Choose to use all suggestion algorithms in order of importance to show the best possible suggestions or choose to just show random ones.
  10. Matrix Layouts For Maximum Flexibility Of Display: Templates and template positions vary a lot. Sometimes you might just have a small single column to show your modules or in some cases, you might have a large area. With Matrix Layouts, you can show suggestions in rows and columns as suited to your needs.
  11. Ignore Suggestions Or Add As Friend: A Suggestion is Bothering you..? Give your users the power to ignore suggestions. Once ignored that suggestion is not shown again to that user.
  12. JBolo Chat Integration: Take your suggestions to the next level by letting your users chat directly with the suggested user using the Built-In JBolo chat integration.
  13. Show Reason For Suggestions: This is the most unique feature.
  14. Action log plugin for People Suggest
  15. Privacy log plugin for People Suggest

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Discount: 10%
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