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a dumpster camera
Dumpster Monitoring Technology

Waste Metering™: Smart Cameras In your Dumpsters

Patented Waste Metering™ technology powers the most advanced analysis of your waste operations to deliver tailored, cost-effective waste and recycling services for each of your locations, while also enabling better hauler oversight.

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we're your waste operations manager

Data-Driven Service Optimization

Waste Metering™ collects daily data on dumpster fullness, fullness at pick up, contents and contaminants and verifies service events. AI analyzes those data points to automatically identify optimization opportunities for service schedule, dumpster size and dumpster type adjustments for each of your locations.

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we're your haul monitor

Better Hauler Oversight

Our Waste Metering™ technology automatically flags when a hauler misses a scheduled pick-up and flags it to your dedicated Roadrunner support staff so we can resolve any issues quickly and make sure you're getting the service you're paying for.

a garbage truck picking up a dumpster
We're your dumpster diver


Our Waste Metering™ technology can detect when dumpsters are at risk for overflow, when a recycling dumpster has been contaminated, and when a hauler has missed a scheduled service and alert your dedicated support team. With this level of visibility, Roadrunner can take proactive action to keep your operations running smoothly.

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We're your Waste Intelligence

Data-Informed Reporting

Waste Metering™ accurately tracks waste and recycling by volume and weight, enabling us to provide industry-best data on exactly how much waste you are producing, how much you are recycling and your related Scope 3 carbon emissions, by location or in aggregate, to meet your ESG reporting needs.

a dumpster camera

Eyes in Every Container

Patented AI-powered dumpster cameras automatically monitor and detect fullness, content, location and service activity, so we know what’s happening at every dumpster. With over 150M data points and growing, our Artificial Intelligence is unrivaled.

  • Wide angle, flash-enabled camera captures in-dumpster images throughout the day and night
  • Weatherproofed to operate in extreme weather conditions
  • GPS provides location lock
  • Tilt sensor captures service events
  • Grime-resistant lens nanocoating keeps the camera clean
  • Cell-network enabled to work anywhere


Let's get the conversation started on how to drive recycling and cost savings for your business.