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dumpsters and software showing better service and increased recycling for less
we're your waste department

Fully-managed Recycling & Waste Management Services

We provide tech-enhanced, fully-managed waste management and recycling services across 12,000+ locations, covering all industries and all business sizes, nationwide. We'll consolidate and streamline waste management services for all of your locations to deliver better service and increased recycling for less than you're paying today.

Delivering Unmatched Value

Guaranteed Cost Savings

Reliable Customer Service

Better Hauler Oversight

Increased Landfill Diversion


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we're your single point of contact

Consolidated Portfolio Management

Our team of experts becomes your waste department. First, we audit each location's waste and recycling operations to properly identify your dumpster service needs. Then, we consolidate management across your entire portfolio and manage day-to-day operations so you don't have to worry about trash removal services.

  • Dedicated waste experts prioritize your waste operations
  • Localized vendor procurement and day-to-day facilitation of trash pickup services, recycling services, and more
  • Flexible invoicing to match your financial operations
  • Consistent, accurate financial and sustainability reporting
  • Project management for simplified change management
Infographic showcasing RoadRunner's network of 3,000 plus preferred vendors
we're your service coordinator

Tailored Waste + Recycling Services

We've curated a nationwide network of reliable independent waste haulers and commercial recycling service providers to meet your daily and on-demand needs. This allows RoadRunner to stay asset-light and aligned with your cost savings goals.

  • Preferred network of 3000+ independent vendors, including trash services, recycling, equipment providers, recycling centers and more
  • Nationwide coverage across all 50 states
  • Localized vendor procurement, contracting and facilitation of daily services
  • Comprehensive management of 30+ waste streams
  • Hauler marketplace for on-demand or emergency services
  • Equipment procurement, installation & maintenance
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we're your diversion strategist

RecycleMORE™ Program

We provide flexible, tailored recycling and environmental services to improve operations and reduce waste to landfills. When and where it makes sense for your operations, we can also enable our CleanStream™ recycling services which can increase recycling for businesses and drive cost savings.

  • Preferred network of local, vetted recycling partners
  • Location-specific recycling strategies and services
  • Traditional/Single-stream, CleanStream™ and Specialty recycling services
  • Equipment procurement, installation and maintenance
  • Digital labels, signage and admin resources
  • Employee training and educational material
A sample report of ESG and Financial charts and statistics
we're your ESG partner

ESG + Financial Reporting

Our technology collects accurate, reliable data on your organization’s waste operations, providing science-based metric tracking and ESG reporting for diversion and carbon emissions progress, while our BillCheck™ technology makes sure your team receives accurate financial reports.

  • Science-based reporting founded in accurate data collection
  • Location-specific and aggregated reporting
  • Sustainability Reports: Waste composition, landfill diversion, Scope 3 emissions
  • Financial Reports: Spend and savings reports


Waste intelligence: It's what sets us apart and makes us an industry-leader in modern, sustainable and cost-effective recycling and waste management services. Our patented technology enables us to identify waste management service optimization, cost savings and diversion opportunities that other waste management companies simply can't.


Waste Metering™





Let's get the conversation started on how to drive hassle-free, affordable sustainable waste and recycling management for your business.

Learn more about our recycling and waste management services.

How does Roadrunner differ from other waste management companies?
RoadRunner uses technology to optimize recycling and waste collection, helping businesses increase their recycling rates and save money. Unlike a traditional waste management company, we use data analytics and customized solutions to improve waste collection efficiency, reduce contamination, and boost recycling performance.

What industries does RoadRunner serve?
RoadRunner serves a wide range of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, property management, and more. Our tailored solutions cater to the unique waste management and recycling needs of each industry.

How can I find out if RoadRunner offers trash service in my area or waste management near me?
RoadRunner is a nationwide company and offers local waste services and recycling solutions in your area.

How does RoadRunner differ from traditional waste brokers?
RoadRunner differs from traditional waste brokers because we use technology and data analytics to optimize waste collection and recycling, offering solutions that address each business's specific needs. We also fully-manage your operations rather than just broker a deal. We provide transparency, efficiency, and cost savings in waste management, leveraging technology to achieve better results than traditional waste brokers.